Units are the elements of a player's army. There are 4 different unit types: Infantry, Magic, Beast, Machine.

Each player's ally increases the player's maximum unit count by 3. Excess units just don't participate in battle.

Units may be acquired from several sources:

  • Unit shop (gold or gems)
  • PvP drop
  • Quest reward

Each unit has an additional capacity for one weapon and one armor. The sum of unit, weapon, and armor is the army's attack and defense score. The equip always with the best armor and weapon they can get. Unit equipment can be

  • bought from the shop or
  • rewarded by a killed monster or
  • rewarded for completing a quest.

Units may be killed in battle (depending on their casualty rate, except for indestructable units). In this case, they return their equipment gently back to the player's armory.