Buildings can be built at a player's kingdom and provide income, defense, army unit access, and bonuses.

Every player starts with a single castle - which she can collect from every day.

Buildings may be improved up to level 10, increasing their basic attribute.

Income buildings
Name Collect Income Placement
Bakery 3h:00m 48
Bazaar 1h:00m 25
Brothel 3h:00m 130
Butcher Shop 8h:00m 190
Cartographer 3h:00m 68
Castle 1d:00h:00m 100
Cottage 5m 3
Farm 30m 1
Fish Market 6h:00m 130
Inn 1d:00h:00m 675
Leatherworker 1d:00h:00m 450
Lender 1d:00h:00m 2000
Library 8h:00m 125
Manor 2d:00h:00m 15000
Merchant Caravan 1h:00m 100
Playhouse 2d:00h:00m 1300
Pottery Maker 12h:00m 250
Printing Press 12h:00m 350
Shipyard 18h:00m 500 Coast
Silo 1d:00h:00m 330
Stable 18h:00m 290
Tailor 6h:00m 84
Tavern 12h:00m 165
Trading Post 6h:00m 190

(and those you pay gems for ...)

Unit buildings
Name Type
Barracks Infantry (Basic)
Colosseum Infantry (Advanced)
Blacksmith Infantry (Bonus)
Defense buildings
Name Defense Range
Bonus buildings
Name Type Placement
Water Temple of Healing Reduces Casualties Water